Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheap Easy Homemade Smoking Devices from household items.

Are you a lazy pothead with no money? Too lazy to make anything that takes to much effort and too broke to buy anything? Well heres a couple of nice homemade smoking devices, and some may have already been posted, but it wont kill you to see something twice.

Steamroller: What You’ll Need: A tube such as a toilet paper roll or wrapping paper, tape, foil, saftey pin.
What to do: First you cut out a hole, prefferably a big one. now you fill the hole with foil for a bowl and tape that on there, then you poke holes in it and voila a nice steam roller. Also you can cover your tube in duct tape to make sure no air comes in the cracks.

Steam Roller Method 2: What You’ll Need: Yet again a tube, A bowl to a pipe, knife or something to poke a hole with, tape.
What you do: Alrght first you poke your hole, one about the size that it should be for your bowl to fit. Then put your bowl in there, wrap tape around it to make sure theres nowhere for air, and then fill it with weed. Its also good to wrap this one with tape

Gravity Bong: What You’ll Need: 2 litre bottle, Hot Knife, lid to 2 litre bottle, bowl from a pipe, a bucket or kooler or just anything to hold water.
What ya do: Alright heat up a knife, cut the bottom off your 2 litre bottle, while the knife is still hot poke a hole in the lid for your bowl. Get a bucket or whatever, fill it with water, put your 2 litre bottle in, push it down, screw the lid on with some weed in the bowl, light it up and pull it up, then when it fills with smoke unscrew the lid and put your mouth over it then push it down into the water..Also if your real good maybe you can make a bowl over the hole at the top out of tinfoil and just take it off when its time to hit if you dont have a pipe bowl.

Bong: What You’ll Need: Water Bottle, One of those little nut things thats like shaped liek a little coke can with no top but a square in the bottom, pen, knife of somethin, tape, screen.
What You’ll Do: Poke a hole in the water bottle with your knife or whatever, a cigarette works fine, stick the pen or straw in that hole and put some tape around the bottom, this is where you will be hitting it obviously, tape your nut thing on the top, put a screen in and bam! got yourself a bong.

Bong i guess? dont think so...oh well: What you’ll need:2 litre bottle, tinfoil, safety pin, knife or somethin
What You’ll Do: If your real lazy you can just get a 2 litre bottle, put some foil over the top for a bowl, you can tape it on if needed, poke a semi big hole on one side and a small hole on the right or left side of that. hit out of the big one and the others the carb.

Coke Can: What You’ll Need: Coke can, safety pin.
What you do: This one is real cheap and real easy. First take the tab off, then hold it laying down in your hands and side over the tab like that whole side of the can pretty much, push it down and bend the sides up, this prevents the bowl from spilling, poke the holes in the middle of that and a carb on the side, you can use a knife if you need but you can do it with a safety pin.

Cigarette: What You’ll Need: A Cigarette.
What You’ll Do: No this isnt a smoking device but still. Like move your fingers back and forth over your cigarette from the bottom up and the tobacco should come out, then you fill it with weed.

Kazoo: What You’ll Need: A Kazoo and a screen.
What You’ll Do: Well it’s not really a household item but you might have an old one or something, you just put the screen in the little bowl thing on top and there you go, a kazoo pipe thing.


  1. this is fucking funny... just the way its communicated through the writing is great


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